ORBITER Multiplayer Project
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This page contains releases.

Shortcuts MFD Mode Selection Shortcuts for ORBITER 2006
This is an Orbiter 2006 plugin that brings back the missing MFD mode selection shortcuts.
Instant Launch Instant launch technology demonstrator (O2K6)
This module demonstrates how to build an Orbiter plugin that uses the oapiCmdLine() API call and starts a scenario from within Orbiter.
ReleaseMFD Simple attachment release MFD
This simple MFD plugin detaches the focussed vessel from all attachment parents.
JumpDriveMFD Jump Drive MFD
This Orbiter module provides hyper-jump capabilities for every vessel in your scenario. To make travelling with a jump-drive more challenging, the jumping distance is fixed (although adjustable via INI file).
This Orbiter module provides a pitch holding autopilot via commanding the elevators for every vessel in your scenario. Its not a kind of fancy autopilot MFD, just a testbed for development.
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